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July 9, 2008


So this is my first entry into what I hope will be a collection of discoveries, revelations, firsts, seconds, and other rants. I’ve been inspired to begin this journal by a number of people, all of whom I hope will support this mental floss through a less critical collaboration and a more supportive nod. Yes, names will get mentioned on occasion and I’m sure opinions will be evident. What’s going to be fundamental to the success of this process will be the freedom to share, extol, remind, and feel vindicated doing so. Not that I’m looking for any measure of external validation; I’m simply feeling engaged in the spirit of sharing and ranting and hopefully this will be an outlet. Sadly, there’s too many places, people and cultures that still, to this day, keep it’s community members under wraps, prohibiting them from contributing their inner thoughts to the day. Fortunately, I’m housed in Canada, a country of superlative freedom in both spirit and tongue and I’ll exercise them both here as time passes.  


It dawned on me that discussing ones thoughts and ideals in a public forum such as this needs to be carried out with care and attention to detail. So, I promise to be respectful of friends and family, culture and religion, and all that matters to us. I know offering personal opinions often raises ire so I’ll try to be mindful of my comments, I promise. But here’s what I know, sitting here having recently turned 49 and having spent the last 4 years successfully chasing the capitalistic dreams of the typical Canadian. Time waits for absolutely NO PERSON and if I’m going to share some thoughts and prose with family members, colleagues, friends and internet surfers, I’d better get on with it while the grey matter housed between my ears still allows the uninterrupted flow of pure thought and reason. Truly, there’s no better time than the present to begin the journey, or at least describe it thus far. Time is moving faster than ever so it seems and I consider myself a time traveler!


Let me begin by reassuring everyone reading this that I am in NO WAY, SHAPE, or FORM a writer of any kind. So, don’t expect much and please refrain from criticizing me as if I were educated and schooled in this wonderful art of word smith.  Literally, I have no formal training, no schooling save basic High School English, of which I completed a course in grade 10 which historically was in 1974. Also, know that there’s no professional, critical eye conducting a proof read for me (except the odd grammar correction by my wife or maybe my friend Stephanie who IS a professional writer). I believe I’m relatively articulate, but thanks to a limited education and even simpler vocabulary, I’m probably a little long winded.


I remember when I read “Awaken the Giant Within” by Anthony Robbins a few years ago. I thought he could have easily presented the entire work with half the pages.  Others, including my brother Stephen, who read the book, agreed with me. Deliberately, I’ll try not to avoid being too long winded, I promise. Over the past 2 years or so I’ve had the distinct pleasure of writing a 2 or 3 page article for a trade journal (edited and perfected by my friend Stephanie) and the exercise of doing that has been nothing short of a thrill for me. To sit, clear my mind of the day’s activities, and put down in word form some ideas that ultimately could render aid of some sort to others has clearly become a tonic for me and that’s what really inspired this exercise. As well, I love to read. Spending as much time on airplanes as I do these days, there are two critical ingredients that I MUST have when I travel. I imagine they are pretty common – my Apple iTouch coupled up with a good pair of noise cancelling headphones and a good book – but what a bore without them. Oh and I’ll read pretty much everything; stories, fiction and prose, and often I consider technical things and business ideas. My measuring stick is the first chapter. If it gets me, I’ll do the whole work, it doesn’t it’s on the shelf closest to the floor when I get home.  Sometimes its philosophy, often it’s just a good ramble about something or someone whose life seems better or worse than mine. It’s all good and I’m sure those influences will affect my ability here. Recently, my good friends Gary Keller and Dave Jenks privileged me with a signed manuscript of their new, soon to be published book, “Shift” and that’s on top of my “important to read” pile. Next week I’ll be fully engaged with our Real Estate training event in Orlando Florida, I can’t wait actually, but the journey there is now set with the manuscript forging the way over the course of the six hour journey. I’ll let you know what I learned after I’ve finshed it….


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