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            So April  was a relatively NORMAL month for me as a true blue Quantum Leaper – sold some houses, took a few days off, went to a SuperConference, interviewed prospective new agents, paid some taxes, generated hundreds of leads, wrote a few new adds to try, talked to Craig about more new ideas to make things even better, hosted a mastermind session here in Calgary with a number of QL friends, pulled my Goldwing out of the corner of the garage where it’s been stored and covered since last October and got it all cleaned and tuned for the summer riding season, test drove a new car (I’ve been on the hunt – with Carols blessing – for a yellow Corvette and I think I may have found one), cleaned out my golf bag (always amazes me the junk that ends up in there), and listened to some stellar motivational stuff from some guys who I’ve really come to respect and admire – Danny Griffin (FreeThinkingTools.com), Jimmy Buffett (check out this his business ventures – WOW!), and Gary Keller who I got to spend some time with this month but more on THAT meeting later…

            It never ceases to amaze me the ease with which successful people goes through life. Some people really seem to have it together no matter what comes at them. I’ve been really fortunate in my career to have hung out with some of the highest producing real estate agents in North America and discuss with them the intricacies of how their business churns along and even suggest some solid starategies to make their lives and businesses even more manageable. From Honolulu to New York City, from Edmonton, Canada to the southern tip of Florida, I’ve been privileged to share some great proven ideas with agents of every caliber and watch them implement for the sole sake of change and improvement. There’s a soul stirring rush that comes from seeing people’s lives literally change in a short time after they’ve chosen to apply our ideas and make a hard left turn guided only by blind faith. I remember when I was challenged to do things differently. I was broke, had literally NO cash flow, and really had no mission or vision other than a very blurry dream of being a good father and husband. I never really ever fit in to the realm of eight-to-five but, unfortunately, didn’t have the smarts, experience, or the education to succeed at my own entrepreneurial endeavors. I was caught very tight between a rock and a hard place and couldn’t see ANY daylight.  Though I really wanted to succeed when I was younger, there was much working against me.

           One of the biggest challenges for me, as I’ve later learned, was the ADHD thing, of which I am a poster boy. In fact, those challenges were palpable! When I was a shool kid, ADHD had never even been heard of, never mind teaching kids how to adjust for it.  Maybe you can relate… managing the flow and details of one project is fine, but early in my adult life, I discovered my patience level was pretty limited when tryiong to get more than one task done with any amount of predictability or expected success rate. It’s definately been a factor in my life that I’ve learned about and have actually become adept at managing. Poor Carol who learned about this AFTER we got married – no wonder she often refers to me as a “Mad Scientist”!!  By the way, next time you see Carol, please thank her on MY BEHALF for hanging in there with me and my sons. I thank her every day but believe me, she deserves a medal of valor for her steadfast support of our family despite what must have been a nervous view looking forward. I often refer to her as a low flying angel that landed in my life and made everything better.  

          One of the most stirring reality checks for me came when Carol told me our marriage was going to either sink or swim depending on my ability to be a good provider. At one point, she literally told me that complaining about he hardships caused by an early failure as a real estate agent wasn’t paying the bills or putting food on the table. It’s amazing the power your soul mate can help tap into when called upon.  It’s even MORE amazing how crucial that partnership is in one’s life. You know the old saying: “Behind every capable man…”

          Anyway, another oif Aprils highlights was again having the rare privilege of attending Craig Proctor’s spring SuperConference which was held in Dallas Texas. I love going to Texas, for a number of reasons. This year, Carol came with me because she also enjoys Texas. Along with attending all the sessions Craig prepared, we also did all the usual tourist stuff, did some shopping, ate fantastic food (you all know my love of BBQ), and just enjoyed a few days away. But the SuperConference proved to be yet another unbelievable, life changing experience. Even though a few less people showed up this month (April is a tough travel month because of school holidays, Easter, etc) Craig served up another incredible feast for Real Estate agents. I want to just briefly touch on the importance of going to the event and the fact that often we arrive and have no idea what we are in store for. Let me tell you about THAT situation, as it applied to the Dallas event and this is all because of a relationship I’ve built over the past 2 years or so that has begun to mature.

            Last year (2008) in March, Craig and I were on the phone discussing the number of great SuperConference guests that have joined us over the years. We reminisced about all the great people who’ve willingly shared their stories for the sake of helping us and the agents in attendance make their lives and careers more fulfilling.

           Many of you long time, returning  attendees will recall Dave Liniger from RE/MAX and his very engaging discussion about how he grew that company from a very small, fledging collection of business minded agents into the powerhouse it is today. Mr. Liniger told some hilarious stories. You may also recall the visits we’ve enjoyed from Dave Jenks and his masterful adaptation of the Millionaire Real Estate Agent model he and his co authors Gary Keller and Jay Papasan gave to real estate agents a few years ago. It was fantastic actually as Dave is a wonderful, articulate presenter.

            Last year we were thrilled to have Alan Dalton, the founder of REALTOR.com speak to us passionately about the value of looking forward, changing gears in a new economy and realizing the importance of emulating successful mentors. We all thought that Alan presented an absolutely awesome and compelling message.

          But if you ask me, they all pale in comparison when compared to our Dallas guest this yeat, Gary Keller, Chairman of the Board at Keller Williams Realty. Getting Gary to attend and speak at our Dallas event was a task that Craig gave me a year ago and it literally took that long to make it all come together. Working with Gary and his staff was a pleasure, which really tells me why Keller Williams has such a loyal throng of agents. It starts at the top and includes a management team that puts the welfare of their agents first and allows them to grow their businesses feeling supported and armed with the newest and latest tools.

                Gary’s message was timely, crucial, and could not have shown the way for agents any clearer. Rick and Gary April 2009He and Craig had all of us on the edges of our seats as they deliberately discussed the current issues agents are facing in every corner of North America. The discussion was frank and realistic. They didn’t talk about FSBO scripts and EXPIRED programs, they didn’t talk about the internet and print media, and they talked openly and honestly about how their careers evolved over the years. They both discussed in detail the importance in this new market and subsequent economy of being a competant marketer and lead generator. They discussed the importance of creating opportunities every day if you want to survie in this market.

            Gary was brutally honest with us as he discussed how his coach actually told him he wasn’t the right fit for his then position at Keller Williams and actually recommended he fire himself. Imagine paying your coach, in excess of $100,000, telling you that you weren’t going to be able to succeed if you kept doing what you are doing? Sound familiar? Gary and Craig reiterated the point that the GREAT ONES WE’RE FAMILIAR with – Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Walt Disney, and many other successful men of industry – all have or had coaches directing their steps. Gary told us that despite his drive to be successful he was very willing to accept the advice and direction of his coach. In fact Gary did indeed step away and delegated those activities to someone else. He even told us how he has helped his son really see the need for accepting coaching to succeed.

           In case you haven’t heard, Keller Williams has now grown into the 3rd largest real estate company in the world, surpassing RE/MAX and their vision sees tremendous growth for the years ahead.

           Gary went on to extol the virtues of adapting to the current market conditions rather than letting them defeat us. We asked Gary to explain to us why he feels the next 6-8 months may be the toughest in our generation for Real estate Agents to simply survive. In his articulate dissertation he showed us all how the recession affects markets, and why mastering the market of minute – foreclosures, REO’s, and short sales is the smart way to go.

              So for those reading this who has NEVER attended a Quantum Leap SuperConference let me begin by first telling you that YOU MUST MAKE THE NECESSARY CHANGES IN YOUR REAL ESTATE CAREER to attend an upcoming event. It’s crucial to your success in this new market and this new economy. Our next event is going to be in Orlando, Florida on July 10-12 and if you want more information, feel free to contact me at Rick@HouseCallsGroup.com and I’ll do all I can to make it possible for you to get there.

                I also want to let you know that once you arrive and get into the event, you’ll quickly discover that Craig’s message always centers on the importance of letting go of the OLD, NON-PRODUCTIVE, OLD SCHOOL outdated methods of working. He’ll show you that out ahead of you on the ever changing Real Estate trail are people who have become insanely successful willing to share with you what they did and what they continue doing. You’ll see their success as well as their mistakes. Craig will GLADLY tell you what mistakes he made and how they shaped his career. Let those ahead of you show you a better way, let them light the path for you so you can see your way clear to a better, more profitable way. I would suggest that climbing the highest mountain n the world, Mt. Everest, a Sherpa guide would not only be a good idea, but would probably save your life because of their invaluable prior experience on the mountain. Think of leaders like Craig and Gary as your personal Sherpa Guides.

               So, will you be coming to Craigs SuperConference in Orlando, Florida in July? I believe you MUST. Sorry to be blunt but I’m sold on the concepts Craig has taught me. I suggest you make the needed effort nto get there for the entire three days and enjoy the full enchilada from a Quantum Leap SuperConference. I told a friend of mine that I brought to Dallas that engaging in the event would likely be HUGE for him and his wife. At noon on day 2, Gord (my friend) snuck up behind me and whispered in my ear “Rick, you may have been right …This is going to a be life changing event for me, thanks for convincing me to come.”  So take my advise and please make an effort to attend – you won’t be disappointed. 

           If you have any questions about the SuperConference, please don’t let the questions fester in your brain and don’t be so narrow minded that you would take the advise of someone who’s never succeeded with the system or even been. Of course there are naysayers out there. There’s a collection of naysayers out there for EVERYTHING successful. It’s the natural way. Jealousy and covetousness rear their ugly heads all the time. It human nature and I hear from them all the time. However, the one common denominator I’ve picked up is this: Despite their disdain for our success, they have NO suggestions for me on what to do to make things better. They simply complain about what I’m doing becuase they don’t enjoy the life Craig’s system has given me.

           If you need a suggestion on how to make your real estate business better, easier or MORE productive then approach me and I WILL GIVE IT TO YOU in an easy to understand, articulate manner – go ahead, try me. Just, e-mail me your questions. What ever you do, don’t’ even think that a silly question isn’t worth my time. JUST SEND ME A NOTE AND ASK ME! I’ll answer you with truthfulness and frankness, plain and simple. Obviously I’m a believer but ONLY because I know how well the system REALLY DOES WORK when you apply what you’re told.

             If you ever end up in an audience where I’m speaking, you’ll hear my story. IT’S ALL TRUE and you’ll hear and see exactly what I did to make the necessary changes in my life to have success. But please, SEND ME YOUR QUESTIONS. The e-mail to send them to is: Rick@HouseCallsGroup.com and please put something in the subject line so your enquiry doesn’t end up swimming in the SPAM filer with the unread 10,000 stupid e-mails for fake Rolex watches, Viagra, and Nigerian money scams.

             I really want to hear from you and I’ll do what I can to help you get your real estate career on track.





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