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So as a regular reader of this forum, you likely know how I feel about the events that will take place on July 10-12, 2009 at the JW Marriott Grand Lakes Resort, Craig Proctors Summer SuperConference. I came to my very first SuperConference in 2001 and I have not missed a single one since. I get enough e-mails from you regular readers to know that many of you have already committed to the three days and Carol and I are looking forward to seeing you there.

                In fact, as we usually do in the summer, we’re taking an extra week of vacation leading up to the event. For all the times Craig has taken us to Orlando, Carol has never been able to make that trip but this year her schedule is clear and she’s coming and, frnakly, we’re going to have a ball together. We have already booked some golf times and we’re really looking forward to a day at both Epcot and Disney World. That’s one of the great things about Orlando – TONS OF THINGS TO DO ONCE YOU GET THERE so bring your families, your friends, and your agent comrades from the office. If you’ve been rolling hard this year, constantly doing it, doing it, doing it and swimming hard, a few days in the sun, away from the normal routine will do you good. Orlando in the summer gives absolutely everything we could possibly need including fabulous weather, great activities, and great hotels. It’s a long, all-day trip for us to get there but I can’t wait because it’s SO worth it once we arrive.

                So if you are already coming, let me just tell you that you’ve made a stellar decision for your business, your career, and your bank account. Since you HAVE made that decision, you have my permission to stop reading here, flip the page and dig into something else because this article has been designed to appeal to those who have NOT YET decided to attend. Firstly, I can’t understand why you wouldn’t come. It’s NOT expensive. Yes there’s a small fee attached to the actual event, the tuition has been greatly reduced this time, it’s only $797 and I went on-line tonight as I wrote this to look for some flight costs. Here’s what I found:

  •  Denver – $359 return
  • Atlanta – $189 return
  • Los Angeles – $319 return.
  • Dallas – $299 return
  • Boston – $266 return

              Accommodations at the event will cost you about the same or just a little more thanks to Craig’s HUGE discount, but substantially less if you bring someone along and share the cost. Add a little budget to feed yourself over three days and you can EASILY get there. Air fares are down, Craig’s tuition cost is down this time, and Orlando is NOT an expensive place to go. In essence, it’s a miniscule price to pay to gain access to the most important real estate system in the industry today.

                 If your business could use a boost, this will be it. Craig Proctor gave me an education in Real Estate sales far beyond anything I ever would have gained working on my own. As well, I know it matters, so let me tell you clearly that the byproduct of hanging out with Craig Proctor and the people who have adopted his methods is really easy to see: He gave me the Blueprint to continue making great money in  a very UNFORGIVING and UNPREDICTABLE industry. But if you need more reasons, keep reading…

                 Let’s discuss the one thing that seems to evade most agents I meet. LEAD GENERATION. Most agents readily agree that once they get in front of someone, once they get the chance to negotiate a deal or dive into a listing presentation, they are pretty capable of affecting enough change to get the business. The problem though lies in the fact that they just don’t get to do enough of it. They DON”T have enough leads every week to generate enough closings, and make a decent living. In Orlando, you’ll see, learn, and receive Craig’s recession proof, INEXPENSIVE LEAD GENERATION system. You’ll quickly discover why they refer to Craig as the “King of Lead Generation”. It’s a common problem amongst Quantum Leapers to have more leads than you can handle.

                The next thing is, how do you effectively manage and convert all these leads once they have been created? (Believe me, you’ll have lots) Well, the typical trainer gives you a book of scripts or a CD to play in your car so you can learn numerous dialogues and handle numerous objections and learn a bunch of subtle closing techniques. Early in my career I was guilty of trying to memorize all that stuff in the hopes of being the slickest closer on the phone – BIG MISTAKE! Doing all that stuff on the phone actually repels people and turns them off – when is the last time you were thrilled to be swooped on at Best Buy on a busy Saturday afternoon? You NEVER were and our prospects hate being hard closed also.

                When I met Craig and told him I hated having to memorize all this stuff he laughed and I recall his exact words to me: “Dude, (he really did call me dude!) learn my UNIVERSAL, 5 QUESTION CALL BACK SCRIPT, perfect for ANY type of lead and you’ll convert more people to appointments than you ever have before”. I did in fact learn that easy method, and Craig would constantly role play with me AT THE CONFERENCE so I would really get it and now I have mastery over the conversion process and booking appointments is done with ease and confidence. In fact, on the afternoon of July 10, Craig will stand in front of the entire audience, turn off his PowerPoint and allow you to stand up to the mic and role play with him as he teaches you the most effective way to generate appointments. This is a BIG HIGHLIGHT of the SuperConference. You’ll see me at the back of the room for this session.

                  The other things that you may need to help you decide is social proof that Craig’s system is what the claims say it is. That’s fair, in light of the amount of false promises made in this business. So know this: At the event in July, you’ll rub shoulders with many of the top agents in the world for three days. You can approach them, ask them for their advice, have lunch with them, even mastermind with them because Craig creates that type of sharing atmosphere. You’ll meet the top agents from Realty Executives, Keller Williams, RE/MAX, Century 21, Prudential, Coldwell Banker, etc. You’ll meet the highest grossing agent from Nevada who teaches the Short Sale phenomenon for Craig. You’ll hang with agents generating millions of dollars in commissions every year and you’ll meet people agents who came absolutely penniless, broke and discouraged (me) and regained not only their careers but their lives. Best of all you’ll get three solid days of Craig slowly and deliberately teaching you everything he knows about being a successful real estate agent.  

             There’s so much more to tell you. I know you’re interested, I know that simply reading this article can’t do a three day event total justice so I invite you to contact me anytime – just send me an e-mail (Rick@RickBrash.com) from wherever you are, we’ll book some time to chat and I’LL CALL YOU and tell you more and do whatever I can to help you get to Orlando in July.    



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