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     Most agents we’ve worked with over the years have come to us with a pre-conceived notion that being the smoothest and slickest conversationalist on the phone is key to successfully gaining appointments with prospects. I recall a time, early in my career, when I succumbed to the idea that learning and mastering oodles of scripts and dialogues was my key to success as a Real Estate agent. I did all I could do to learn a collection of well rehearsed comebacks, objection handlers, and slick verbal closes that were supposed to serve my better good. The trouble was the entire collection had been dreamed up and presented by trainers who hadn’t made a follow-up call in 20 years or who had NEVER made a call. They were GREAT presenters and superb salesman who could sell ice cubes to an Inuit.

     For the first few years of my real estate career, I was taught to focus on making the prospect think that “I” was the solution to their problems. In other words, a conversation on the phone with a prospect took on the roll of me telling them how great it would go for them if they hired me. HUGE MISTAKE.

      Here’s an early lesson: Don’t focus on “YOU” when following up with prospects. Remember that virtually all new business comes as a result of a prospect looking for answers and solutions first. SELDOM DO PROPSECTS, WHO’VE NEVER WORKED WITH YOU BEFORE, THINK OF YOU AS A SOLUTION! Despite what your office trainer has told you, believe this: PROSPECTS AREN’T SEARCHING FOR AN AGENT.

      You see,  prospects setting out on the quest to either buy or sell almost always begin the process from the information gathering perspective. They go looking to gain market savvy, education, knowledge and understanding BEFORE actually doing anything. (In a future post I’ll talk about how the reticular activator works and how this really can work in your favour as you become a master lead generator) Now, all prospects have a timeline they’ve established in their mind and part of the process we should be very aware of is determining what that timeline really is and then acting accordingly. Let’s face it, the majority of prospects step in to the current market to do a transaction (a buy or a sell) and then, once completed, distance themselves from it as fast as they can. They get in, do the deal, and then they get out. By the way, that’s natural, predictive real estate client behaviour. Knowing this makes the conversion process easier.

      Something else to remember: Often prospects, after leaping in, find their local market to be quite a labyrinth of intimidating situations, notwithstanding the fact that EVERY agent in town is bombarding them with all the good reasons why they should be the agent of choice. But, OK, they’re fair game and that’s free enterprise, prospects are there for the stalking because that’s how the market works and it’s how agents are taught to survive in the jungle. In general, real estate agents are the best hunters in town. Let there be a prospect who even thinks about selling or buying and the begging, pleading, and cajoling from local agents begins. Just remember, that unless you completely differentiate yourself in the market, you’ll look the same.

     In numerous articles and training calls you’ve heard talk about the best and most effective way to get those prospects to raise their hands, indicate a desire to get something done, and let you know their general timing. In essence, the philosophy here is this: Reverse the typical tables and use a DIRECT or OFFER RESPONSE method that causes droves of prospects to actually respond and TELL YOU WHAT THEY NEED to succeed. WOW!!

      You see, there’s a huge difference between YOU begging for a strangers business and a prospective client finding you and then requesting you to help them buy or sell. Now you might think that in our industry that’s impossible. Frankly, many trainers would agree with you, especially the ones that have been traveling up and down North America’s highways and byways selling scripts, dialogues, and prospecting programs based on cold calling, door knocking, shopping mall soliciting, and the like. In my travels, I’ve bumped in to many of them. They’re great presenters, very cool speakers, and command attention from the stage. Many of them are successful authors, respected speakers, and very capable presenters, completely convinced of their products, books, tapes and DVD’s. However, I find it interesting how virtually NONE of them have sold a home in 20 or 30 years.

      Look, successful business doesn’t follow the begging model, despite the slickest presenter’s ideas. Business works best when prospective customers seek out the service.

      Case in point: You’ve never had a chiropractor knock on your front door and offer a free adjustment. You’ve never been cold called by the local divorce attorney looking for a case. Doctors, accountants, airline pilots, and attorneys don’t cold call looking for business. Yet many Real Estate agents, no LESS professional in my mind, stoop to the lowest of the low to find their next paycheque; no problem engaging in cold calling, door knocking, reducing themselves to “beggar” status and the like. There’s definitely something missing in the agents formula…

      Now, it’s not all bad. Suppose you CAN have people seek you out and request your assistance. Imagine a single, OFFER DRIVEN piece of marketing that actually elicits that very request for YOUR help. Let’s imagine that a buyer has it in his head that finding a house that needs some work may represent a good deal for him and his family. (With every second show on HGTV produced along this theme no wonder they think that.) If, instead of poking through countless websites, magazines and open houses, that same buyer is given the opportunity to customize a specific search based on their exact needs and those of the family, look at ONLY the houses they want or can afford, if they’re given the opportunity to completely streamline the search process, would they ask for that resource in his project? OF COURSE! What normal buyer wouldn’t want to get to the deal faster and easier, with minimal hassle and frustration?

     Imagine you can actually tap in to that comfort zone of the prospect and your entire system follows suit? Would that not be absolutely awesome for your business? If you aren’t getting this, give your head a shake. Having people contact you and seek you out is the best way to work. That makes the follow up procedure the easiest it can possibly be because those prospects that went looking for you are now predisposed to an appointment already, and they’ve indicated their desire to buy. Here it is: THERE’S ABSOLUTELY NO BEGGING! (In case you still don’t get it, this is WAY COOL!!!)

       In a succinct Lead Generation strategy, this is paramount to success. But the part of the equation I want to focus on today has to do with the predisposition of that prospect AFTER he has sent in the request for the list. HE’S ACTUALLY WAITING FOR IT TO COME.

        Now, from your chair, think about that – who would you rather call? The person, who has no idea about buying or selling, has no intention of buying or selling, does NOT want to be bugged by you, has never heard of you and hates being bothered at dinner time when you call to BEG for some business?  Or would you rather call the person who asked you for that list of fixer-uppers, simply letting him know it’s on the way and just ask him 2 or 3 questions about timing and his motivation and then book an appointment to sit down and discuss the project? Remember, you’re calling to confirm his request and to let him know it’s on the way. For me, it’s a no brainer, the second guy.

      Let me illustrate it in a practical sense: Let’s make some calls. Open your phone book and start calling the “B’s” and let’s see how long it takes to even find interest. OK, you found someone after 120 calls but how hard was it? How much rejection did you encounter? How discouraged did you feel at call 40? Or call 75?  How easy was getting an appointment from a cold call? C’mon be honest with yourself, cold calling? Are you serious?

      Now, go to your inbox, and call back the people who asked you for something this morning. Again, as mentioned earlier, let’s just imagine we have a Fixer-Upper campaign running on CraigsList or eBay Classifieds or Facebook. Once you receive their list request, go to your MLS, print off 4 or 5 of the properties from the search criteria they gave you, drop it in the mail and simply call to let them know it’s on the way. Go ahead, do it now and begin that conversation saying this:  “Hi Mr. (NAME), it’s (YOUR NAME) with (YOUR COMPANY) and I just wanted to let you know that earlier today I received your request for the list of FIXER-UPPERS homes fort sale in (AREA) and I just thought I’d let you know that I dropped those in this mornings mail, I hope that’s OK. By the way I was just wondering, are you folks thinking of making a move in the next little while? 

      So that’s the introduction to our Universal Call Back Script. Do you see how easy it is to transition into a conversation with the person that asked you for the list? You start the conversation by letting them know you received the request! From there on, it’s all downhill. Plus this is the natural conversation to have in our Lead Generation system. This easy conversion is the next step once the lead has been created. We actually create this easy conversation through the very nature of the system.

      After the prospect has acknowledged and thanked you that you’ve received and fulfilled his request, that his list is on the way, (he’s now a positive, happy prospect because he’s getting what he wants) he’ll tell you his immediate moving plans. This lets YOU KNOW what there timing is. That’s your first important piece of information. Now that you know it, let’s continue the conversation. The next logical step in the discussion flows naturally. Try this: “So do you folks own the home you live in now or are renting a place”

       They will tell you and you and you’ll continue the conversation. If they own, why not ask them a logical question: “So will you need to sell your current home first before you buy or do you want to get started on the search project BEFORE selling?”

      GREAT question, takes you right down the motivation path. CAN they buy right away or is there possibly a listing coming here as well? These days, with tighter mortgage rules, most folks find themselves in a position where they MUST harvest that equity FIRST before buying again. Debt service is the big consideration these days and lenders have little or no wiggle room.

       Now let’s just dig a little deeper. Find out a little more about their impending move: “So from the request you sent over, it looks like you live in (AREA). Will you be staying in that area or will you be going somewhere else?

       They will tell you what their location plans are and you’ll now be getting a sense as to what they are really doing. The next step in this process is to confirm the timing and you do that by asking them this: “So what’s your timing on this? If you could have the whole moving project completed, when would that be?

       Then, logically, to avoid wasting any time put this one out there: “So are you working with an agent on your moving project”?

       If they aren’t, and the timing makes sense, it’s now time to make them an offer that makes sense for what they are doing. Simply compel them to meet with you. For buyers, who contact you through a buyer campaign which in this case is our Fixer-Upper campaign it makes sense to use that to your advantage. Here’s what I’ve said to prospects thousands of times: “So Mr. (Name) it sounds as if you’re just getting started on the project and I think I can make the whole search process easier for you. Would you like me to e-mail you a list of all the homes that perfectly match what you and your wife are looking for? In fact the instant one gets listed I’ll make sure it gets sent to you immediately. This way, you can be the first person to know about a newly listed home and you can even be the first person to see it. Would that help you in your search?

      You’ll get an answer. They may tell you that they’re getting listings already from another agent. Now you need to “UP” your offer (build the benefits of meeting). Try this: “Well, I’m not to sure what other agents actually do or send, BUT I’m tracking ALL the REO’s and foreclosures in that area, and all the distress sales, plus a brand new search of all the homes listed that have had more than 2 price reductions. I’ll make sure to tap you into those as well. Would that help you in your search?

      Of course a real buyer wants those properties and will very probably agree that this service is perfect for him and he tell you YES! he would like to get those homes. Now you can easily book an appointment to sit down and turn him into t customer: “Great, what’s your schedule like this afternoon? When would be a good time to get together so I can take down your search criteria and get that search rolling for you right away? It’s totally free and there’s NO obligation to buy a home. Would 3:00 PM this afternoon work or would 7:00 this evening, after dinner be better?”

      Some industry experts refer to this as “Conversion 1”, the ability to turn a lead in to an appointment. Actually I like that term, it assumes there’s a process or a system that needs to be followed. Trouble is, veering OFF the system becomes the ice dam in the river. For those of you that live in the south, where winter is simply a picture on the calendar, here’s what I mean: When a fast moving river freezes, the ice can completely clog the river. In turn that causes floods, ruined bridges, and impassable roads. Northern cities spend time and money to keep rivers flowing in the coldest months of the year. They do it with dynamite and huge earth (and ice) moving equipment. Imagine the damage that can be caused by NOT keeping the river flowing.

      Over the years, I’ve worked with lots of agents who quickly master the process of Lead Generation. In other words, their river begins flows naturally and that serves the greater good on all levels of their business. But sometimes, for whatever reason, the calls don’t get made as readily. BIG mistake! Leads pile up and the natural flow is interrupted because becoming a Lead Squirrel, not making enough calls to keep the river flowing, really works against the natural flow. There’s myriads of reasons why this happens – Fear, lack of confidence, perceived inability, etc.

     Making the calls, converting the leads to appointments is EASY. I want everyone reading this to believe me. The reason it may be hard for you is because you’re probably trying to accomplish far too much on the phone during the initial call.

      Here’s a challenge for you: Consciously make your calls last no more than three (3) minutes. That will prevent you from talking about useless things with prospects. DON’T talk about current market conditions, DON’T talk about the game last night, DON’T talk about the weather; DON’T talk about financing and approvals. All those things are COUNTERTPRODUCTIVE to the appointment generating practice.

     DO determine their timing to buy of sell (the when), DO determine their motivation to get it done (the why), DO find out if they need to sell before buying again (the appointment location), DO make them an offer of something they need (the appointment),

       Remember, there are really only two things you need to know to successfully create an appointment with a prospect; Timing and Motivation. Determine those two things, understand what they need and then make an offer they can’t say no to. Guess what, that’s how you become a master at booking appointments in your business.

      Now, go book some appointments!!

       See you next time



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Systematize the approach, simplify the process, see the positive results IMMEDIATELY…

      With all the talk about business growth, sustainable lead generation, and predictable income, it’s obvious that within the realm of the SUCCESSFUL agent, checks and balances exist that contribute to and monitor their systematic routine. That routine needs to operate consistently and unfettered, and be allowed to do what it does best – serve the Rainmaker. (That’s you by the way)

      Let’s talk about that today. Let’s begin by establishing our belief and philosophy that working within a systematic, repeatable modus-operundi is really what sustains a successful business. Sure, there’s still the need for a “people factor” that serves the greater need. Fortunately, in our business of selling houses and working with buyers, the people layer while somewhat reduced in scope these days has not yet been completely fazed out. But even the BEST people/employees/associates need direction to operate at their peek. That direction comes predominantly in the form of them learning a results driven group of systems which garner proven, predictable results. Case in point: What happens if you develop learn and perfect an absolute KILLER listing presentation that allows you to bring in the listing 8 or 9 times out of 10? Would you not agree that once figured out, repeating the process over and over again would be a great system to have in your business? How about the perfect Buyers presentation that gets you a signed Buyers Agreement AND your $500 retainer 8 or 9 times out of 10! Would that not be done over and over again, creating the same results? Wouldn’t that be a couple of GREAT systems to have in your business? It certainly would, especially if you took it to the next level and taught a capable agent to replicate YOUR results using YOUR ESTABLISHED SYSTEM over and over again for a percentage of the commission generated. Could they systematically go about listing homes and creating buyer relationships just like you can? Of course, the system causes it to happen.

      But for those of you who are sceptical, or who DON’T understand the value of the SYSTEMIZED approach lets look at a real world, easily recognizable example right in the eye and pick up on its features.

      Ever wondered why MacDonald’s continues to churn out the numbers they do. Arguably, MacDonald’s has become the most recognized, successful franchise of any kind in the world. In fact, the MacDonald’s method has been copied, studied, chronicled and admired by business gurus, schools, and its competition everywhere. It really is as good as they say. By the way, if you decide to leave Real Estate and open your own MacDonald’s store, you will be required to attend Hamburger U in Chicago because until they can indoctrinate you with their philosophy of systems integration, they know your success is in jeopardy and, ultimately, so is theirs. They’ve perfected success and they need you to emulate their methods.

      Interesting thought: MacDonald’s would NOT be able to advertise their restaurants to their current extent if they didn’t have a systematic way of rolling customers through as efficiently as they do. It’s not just a few customers, it’s BILLIONS of people and without a systematic way of handling them, it would be absolute chaos on a global scale. Think about it, AROUND THE ENTIRE world, MacDonald’s advertises is stores as being a great place to go, have a well priced meal, and enjoy an outing that’s unlike anything else. When you arrive at MacDonald’s in Miami Florida, Vancouver Canada, London England, or Beijing China you are able to order any one of their well known meals – Quarter Pounder, Big Mac, Filet-O-Fish, or their signature French fries. Every time you go, you know exactly how the burger will taste when you bite into it. You know what will happen when you step up to the counter or pull in to the drive through. In fact they’re absolute experts at creating results and then repeating their performance over and over again, day after day, week after week.. 

      Years ago, during one of the first conversation I had with him, Craig Proctor asked me if I thought MacDonald’s was a “people oriented” company and I automatically answered yes! He smiled at me and told me I was 95% wrong. He correctly showed me that BEFORE MacDonald’s brings people to its organization, it perfects a collection of well developed systems that will enable its employees to successfully complete the task at had with COMPLETE predictability and overwhelming success. In fact MacDonald’s even has a system to monitor and evaluate the level of success from its supporting cast of systems. In other words, MacDonald’s is SO good at systemizing their success they had to develop a system to keep their success in check.

      Now, in reality, NONE of us serve anywhere near as many people as a MacDonald’s restaurant so the systems we decide to bring to our business can be designed to work every bit as efficiently but for fewer people. So if MacDonald’s has a predictable way for preparing quarter pounders to always taste, look and be the same, and create the same amount of profit, the lesson in that for us is determined by asking ourselves this question: What systems can YOU utilize in your business to handle a lead that comes in with the same precision. Can a smaller version of a perfectly performing, completely repeatable system serve you and a part of your business just as well? If you made a conscious decision to ALWAYS do the same thing for EVERY lead that came in would that not be the beginnings a system designed to manage leads.

      In Craig’s WEEKLY FIX e-mail this week he lays out his systemized approach for handling a lead so that a number of things (Craig’s recipe for success) happen that lead up to a predictable outcome. If you ask Craig, he’ll tell you that EVERY LEAD HE GENERATED was handled the same way, all the time, no exceptions. He’ll tell you that it actually PROTECTED the success he had perfected. Protecting the process in our business also protects something else, something near and dear to our hearts as Real Estate agents and that’s the predictable income you’ve worked hard to establish.

      He handled the RAW lead the same way every time. He sent the same cover letter for years. He used the same contact manager system for EVERY LEAD, he used the same UNIVERSAL CALL BACK SCRIPT for every lead. Craig used the same presentation methods to turn leads into clients over and over again. Craig’s methods were so adept that he was able to GIVE the system to people on his team and they replicated Craig’s results because, like MacDonald’s, the system served the greater need. Its easy to learn and use a system that works versus trying to figure out what to do all the time. Imagine a bus route that has no schedule! When would the bus show up? Would it get you to where you want to go? Who knows?

        By the way, adopting a method exactly this or as close to it as possible also gives your PROSPECT the very best service they can receive.How important is that to you? We all know that happy clients buy or sell faster and sooner and create a much better environment for everyone. The systemized approach produces that for you over and over again with complete predictability. You’ll note in that e-mail that there’s one process, one system that efficiently handled the needs of the lead that came in. It takes into account all the factors that take place, nothing is left to chance.

       If all of a sudden MacDonald’s had to customize EVERY burger they built because they allowed the CUSTOMER to be in control, what would happen to their production? In fact, based on WHAT THEY ALREADY KNOW, MacDonald’s would diminish their success

      If every lead that comes to you is handled DIFFERENTLY how can you effectively keep pace? Frankly you can’t so the advice here is systemize the process, do the same thing over and over again, letting the system serve you. Success by that system is sure to follow…

 Until next time,


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Dec 2, 2010

     Winter is squeezing it’s grip tighter and tighter at my house. It did warm slightly this week, but the forecast is for lots of snow this year so I’m bracing for the worst. Keep me in your prayers, especially you Southern friends who live in shorts and golf shirts all year and can’t relate to pounding For Sale signs into frozen tundra,  thermal underwear, and outdoor shinny hockey, I’m jealous. Mind you, my wife and I felt the urge to begin the process of getting out of winter as we look forward to retiring and purchased a home in Phoenix last year. I’m spending Christmas, New Years, and a good portion of winter there this year. If Carol had her way, we would already be there, thumbing our noses at the cold weather.

     So I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving weekend. Watching and reading some of the reports, it looks like Black Friday and Cyber Monday were good for the North American economies, the average consumer spent more than $560 last Friday and business was so good on-line this year that massive fulfillment house Amazon reported a rise in stock value of about 3%. While all of us are on the look out for a recovery of sorts, I’m cautious about going public saying things are on the up swing. Actually I don’t believe it, not yet anyway.

     I ended our note last week with the reminder that this week we’d dive into some great marketing campaigns that have a sole focus of attracting seller prospects. These days, sellers come in numerous forms. In speaking with many of you, it’s obvious that the multiple listing clients is an attractive addition to your database. Not that long ago, discussing a multiple listing client meant we were actively working with an investor or two helping them find, fund, then profit by selling their properties. Over the years I’ve worked with a few investors who had a predictable modus-operundi.  

     However, that client’s profile has changed somewhat as we peer into this new, “Hugely Distressed” affected Real Estate market. These days, it’s Banks, Lenders, and Mortgage companies that take on the profile of multiple listing clients because of their prolific rate of foreclosure and the methods we’re using to represent these corporate clients. Many agents have successfully forged good working relationships which in turn have enabled them to procure and carry numerous listings in either the REO or the Short Sale categories. A new challenge faces agents working these properties – getting them sold.

     But don’t forget about the typical seller, the folks over on Maple Street who need to sell in the next couple of months because life has changed for whatever reason. Don’t forget about a needed sale because the kids have moved away and mom and dad don’t need the big house anymore. Don’t forget to be in touch with the seller who actually needs to sell before moving in to a larger, more suitable home. Don’t forget that every day, on MLS boards across the country, there are still thousands of sales from normal, typical sellers that are NOT related to the REO category.  Do some of the distress category business for sure, but be sure to reach out through your marketing to draw in those folks that AREN’T in that category. Be sure to subsidize your REO business with regular sellers. How effectively are you drawing THOSE SELLERS in with well written, very relevant marketing campaigns?

      It’s this marketing we keep coming back to that continues to provide you with commission generating opportunity. Opportunity is created when prospects, in dire need of answers to their questions, come to you in a sense of enquiry and ask you to answer their questions. That’s the “Significant Repsonse” to your ads that I keep referring to.

   For example….  If relevant marketing has called out to them, instructing them how to obtain an “Area Sales Report” outlining all the recent closings and current listed inventory (competition) in a given area, they’re simply indicating an interest and a need to sell at some point in the future. You would send them to this landing page in your LESS BRANDED site:


     If your marketing has told a prospect that you can show them some tips or tricks on selling faster, it’s somewhat obvious they have selling on their mind. I’ve used this campaign for years with great success. You would send them to this landing page in your LESS BRANDED site:


     Maybe you’ve offered to give a prospective seller some tips on passing a Home Inspection, something that will be crucial to a closing somewhere in the future. If that was your campaign, you would send them to this landing page in your LESS BRANDED site:


      If your marketing tells a prospective seller that an “Over-The-Phone” or an “Over-The-Net” home evaluation is available after an easy call to action is performed, I’d say a selling opportunity has just presented itself to you. In that case you would send them to this landing page in your LESS BRANDED site:


And don’t forget that each example noted here has a corresponding Hotline Script to use as well.  If the ad runs in a newspaper, real estate magazine, or some other piece of print media, the Hotline is the perfect nurturing tool for those leads that call in.

     Remember this also… Many agents go through their day believing that simply dispensing information about current market conditions is part of the job description. I could not tell you how many agents have told me over the years that they feel obligated to pass on as much information as the prospect wants without aggressively go after the business. Are you kidding??? That’s not how a business grows. It’s crucial to recognize that a request for information is THE perfect opportunity to use the Universal Call Back Script and generate an appointment. That’s our primary goal in offering to give infoprmation to prospects. Get them to tell you the WHEN (timing) the WHY (Motivation) and then make sure to make them the suitable offer. The offer paints a value picture in the prospects mind and they agree to meet with you on your terms.

     The other thing we should mention today is the value of going directly to the seller’s home for the sole purpose of Lead Generation. How many of you have looked hard at the value of a direct mail campaign where a very specific piece of mail is placed in the mail box. In our last note we discussed how to determine which areas of your local marketplace would deserve your utmost attention in terms of a marketing campaign. Using the MLS you can easily dive in and determine what type of houses are selling, what price points are attracting the attention of home buyers, and where (area) the most sales are. Using that information you can easily and effectively call out to seller through your marketing, elicit that significant response by putting something right in their hands that contains a very relevant message and create requests from them.

     For 15 years Craig successfully engineered a direct mail, Post Card program that called out to sellers. Many of us replicated the program because it had been perfected by Craig and his marketing efforts. Craig used a local printer to print basic post cards (usually only a 2 color process) and they were very effective at generating leads.

     Craig’s postcard campaign saw him doing a mailing every other week. To build a campaign such as this you’ll need to work with more of a substantial sized market place than you are perhaps thinking about as you read this. When I started my direct mail project years ago, the advice Craig gave me was a minimum house count of 5000 that saw excellent market activity over the year prior to starting.

     Now for those of you ready to research this further and begin a direct mail campaign just make sure you keep it within our proven format. You already know that it will fall directly into the lap of someone that needs to sell sooner rather than later. As such, do what you must to generate the lead from that individual. Be sure the theme of your campaign is centered correctly into the universal needs of the prospect. DON’T construct a direct mail campaign that’s all about you. Avoid personal branding as much as possible. In other words, the theme of the marketing piece can’t be about you or you’ll simply diminish your results. Send the responding prospects to your LESS BRANDED landing page in the website.

     There’s a number of specific campaigns directed at sellers that can easily work in your local market. They key to this however demands you to understand what’s happening around you. You do that by being in touch with selling trends and having an idea as to what prospects are responding to.

To SEE what I’m describing, log in to BXLPrinters.com and click on the link that takes you to Craigs postcard campaigns. For years Daniele at BXL worked very closely with Craig to tweak this marketing style. Once a piece of mail was designed, tested and proven, it was made available to others (like me) working hard to emulate Craig’s success. Feel free to contact Daniele and discuss the postcards with her as I did. Her phone number is 866 792-6378  and I know she’d love to chat with you…      

     Ok everyone, have a great week, I’ll look forward to talking to many of you between now and the next post…


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