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     Good morning . I hope today’s blog post finds you all well and fully engaged in both lead generation and lead conversion. I’m excited to continue our training today at 2:00 PM EST.

      From my vantage point here in Calgary, I’m a little happier today, the crippling Canadian winter has subsided somewhat and for those of you not familiar with weather patterns I’m please to say that for the past few days, a Chinook wind has been blowing east, from the mountains and bringing with it warm pacific air creating warm temperatures and lots of dripping water. A few more days of this and we’ll have some flooding. Although I know it isn’t, it feels like spring and even though these few warm days are sure to pass, a little break from 30 below is a welcome break…

     I mention this today because in our market, which is heavily affected by weather, the recent swing to warmer temperatures has not only upped the leads coming in, but has caused surge in property showings. Calgary’s market is truly the worst I’ve ever seen in 20 years but how long can professionals continue to blame OUTSIDE factors for their business failures. Failures resulting from market swings tell us that business owners (struggling real estate agents) weren’t astute or pro-active enough to watch the emerging trends and adjust accordingly.

      Here’s a good example: I had a chat with an agent the other day from Tennessee who, three years into this failed economy, still didn’t really understand the extent of the “distressed” property category. Sure he thought a house that needed a new roof a more than average cosmetic repair was distressed, but he wasn’t acting accordingly, reacting properly to the overall big picture in his native marketplace. We had quite a good chat about detecting the distress category by understanding the increase of volume in the REO and Foreclosure inventory as well as the amount of Short Sale opportunities that had been constantly growing. Also, the fact that his average selling price has dropped by 25% or so in the last 12 months turned out to be more of a factor than he realized. To date, he really hadn’t learned the value of tapping in to his prospects psyche and presenting a compelling call to action in the distress category. As a result, his normal modus-operundi real estate habits (Cold Calling, Open Housing, Referral chasing) were no longer providing a normal existence for either his small business venture or his family. Going farther into our discussion, I learned that his reason for not really knowing what was happening was he incorrectly thought the failing economy had passed by his market and things, though a little slower, were still somewhat normal. We discussed the numbers for his market from 2010 and then his personal numbers and for sure, the underperformance helped him see that it was time to make that right turn in his business that I’ve talked about many times.

      Now don’t misinterpret what I’m saying here. Thanks to my responsibilities of working with agents from virtually every market in North America, I will tell you that the real estate market slow down is, in fact, different from area to area. Case in point: The argument can be made that Arizona is one of the toughest places to be a real estate professional right now. It’s true, the market there in the last 6 or 7 years has gone from one completely insane extreme to another, I recall a time just a few years ago when our coaching members would tell us the strategy for pre-sale listing marketing. In fact, prior to actually listing a home, they would begin the process of lining buyers up so that when it was ready to be sold, the buyers came running with offers in hand. It wasn’t unusual to get 25 offers on a property if you learned to market correctly. However today in Arizona, it’s a much different story. Some houses have been on the market for over two years and they aren’t even getting showings anymore. There’s a house on my street that JUST SOLD later being marketed by several agents since 2008.

      Yet, right in the middle of this turtle-slow market, I had the great privilege of spending some time the other day with a couple of our members in the Arizona market who, for lack of a better term, thumb their noses at supposed market conditions. In fact, both of them collectively sold over a THOUSAND houses in 2010. That’s right, the efforts of two, well-trained, market savvy real estate marketers in one of the worst markets in the US enabled a systematic, predictable sales machine which found a way to literally generate enough leads to effectively and very profitably tap in to the local market conditions and generate commissions north of $5 million.

      Obviously I wanted to know what they are doing and both of them willingly laid out the strategy of LEAD GENERATION. It’s a very established, well oiled lead generation machine that predictably generates (as Craig says) DROVES of buyers and sellers every day.  The leads come in because the marketing message calls out to them. Marketing becomes the best agents ally in ANY type of market. Their marketing message, presented across numerous levels, tells the buyer that “Here’s exactly what you’re looking for”. The sellers who find the marketing directed at them are compelled to react because the message easily convinces them that “This is what you need to understand selling in this market”. Buyers and sellers are told to simply log in or call in and get it. The Call-to-Action in GOOD REAL ESTATE MARKETING is so good it causes SIGNIFICANT RESPONSE over and over and over again with precision and predictability.

      Today on our call at 2:00 PM EST, we’ll continue to talk about the value of marketing in your real estate, lead generation strategy. We’ll look at inexpensive marketing that should be a staple in your lead generation strategy.

      A resource everyone should be using these days is direct mail. A consistent postcard campaign into a busy, well performing sector of the local market place will draw out lots of opportunities. By the way, we call those opportunities LEADS!! As an example of what works, be sure to log in to www.BXLPrinters.com and look at the Quantum Leap library of proven, lean generating direct mail pieces. If you’ve never done this, make it a goal to use direct mail as a lead generator tool. It’s simply awesome and not done by very many agents. Remember, swim against the grain to get noticed and the leads will come.

      I hope you’ll join us later as we talk about some real world, real working tools that enable an effective lead generation strategy in ANY Realtor’s business.

      talk to you soon



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     I know many people come back to work after the holidays and really focus on making changes, getting things rolling that quickly cause money to start flowing in. January’s seem to cause people to think about change, in a very deliberate way. I look at the weight loss ads on TV right now and I hear constant talk about New Year’s resolutions like stopping smoking, reducing debt, and other important changes. However, isn’t it humorous how two weeks into the New Year, we’re all hearing from friends who’ve already given up or failed at their resolutions? Falling BACKWARDS into the comfort zone is NOT usually the desired result of a resolution. Practically speaking, if last year DIDN’T measure up to what you need business wise, time to have the discipline to NOT keep doing the same things over and over.

     My note today is going to fit like a glove with our Inner Circle Training Call this week. Craig and I discussed our approach for this important call and  we both agreed that the first order of business, the most important factor for our Inner Circle program is getting each and every one of you engaged in one activity – MAKING MONEY! Without that happening, everything we talk about is just theory.

     Just a quick comment on that…The theory we trying to instil in your real estate careers is NOT just well thought out ideas. In fact if you were to do a study of agents across North America and look in virtually any market, you’ll find our members emulating the methods Craig used to succeed in his storied career. In fact recently, I had the pleasure of spending an hour on the phone with the Keller Williams current TOP agent in the world, and she quickly, without me prodding her or cajoling her for answers discussed at great length the value of Craig’s system. In fact, I was pleased to listen to her completely UNsolicited testimonial. She staunchly, without hesitation, told me how her system has grown out of her association with us at Craig’s company and her foundational belief that the systemized approach serves a real estate career much better than a hit-and-miss approach.

     Incidentally, for those of you that like social proof that our systems gleans results, Craig has been responsible for the training for not just ONE of Keller Williams Highest producing agents but the last THREE no/1 KW agents over the last few years have looked to our system to take their business to highest level in the world and have been able to do that. Success leaves clues doesn’t it. In other words, a systemized implementation of what Craig teaches has had rippling effects through the highest producing agents in almost all of the franchises across North America. Craig is currently coaching Century 21’s # 2 agent in Canada right now, he was responsible for the #2 Coldwell Banker agent in the world and the #1 Coldwell Banker agent in Canada. Craig has worked with NUMEROUS top 10 RE/MAX agents and the list goes on. When I look over the top 100 lists for all the franchised organizations, it never ceases to amaze me how many of those agents I know through our coaching and training. Why do they continue to use our systemized approach? Simply, because it works. It generates results quickly and predictable once implemented. The point I’m trying to make is IF YOU NEED RESULTS fast and now, be willing to learn and practice what has already created more successful careers than we can count.

       So, closings (money/revenue/commissions) are generated by a careful application of three key (what I call GOLDEN) rules…

Golden Rule number 1: You ONLY market ANYTHING to generate leads”

     Become adept at generating leads from the marketing we’re teaching you. Using Craig’s triple M formula (Message, Medium and Market) tap in to what’s happening locally and understand the emerging local trends. Then, armed with that data, immediately run the most effective message in the most effective medium. In fact you’ll create a multi-layered approach that probably uses 3 or 4 layers of marketing AND mediums. Spread it out across numerous levels. All are designed to present you with a steady flow of ready-to-go buyers and need-to-sell sellers asking for your help. Every time you create a significant response to your marketing (traffic to the landing page, call on the hotline) you’ll create leads. Your goal here is to routinely generate the request for whatever it is you are marketing. Let THAT be your frame of mind as you market.

     Once the lead is created/generated simply and quickly fulfill the request the lead sent your way – report, list of homes, feature sheet on a listing, etc. – but do it as routinely as possible instead of customizing every request. The strength in the system is NOT in this fulfillment stage. Many of our most successful members simply send photo copied property lists or reports generated once a week or once a month. They know from pursuing excellence with the system that this part of the process is SECONDARY in its priority. Sending the request is important, always keep your promise but thinking mailed lists and reports will gain you appointments is the wrong mental positioning. Please learn this. Remember, you NEVER accomplish anything just by sending an unsubstantiated list. FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS

Golden rule no. 2: “You only Follow up with a lead to Generate a Sit Down, Face-to-Face Appointment.”

     Now, at this stage of the leads lifespan you need to engage them in a conversation but not just ANY conversation. Once they’ve sent their request in, and it’s been dealt with, make a follow-up call for a very specific reason – to determine their immediate timing and motivation. NOTHING else!! Make the follow up call as soon as possible after the lead arrives. Using the Universal Call Back Script you all have, take the initiative to make that call. THIS IS THE CRUCIAL and PRIMARY ACTIVITY IN THE PROCESS.

     Once timing and motivation are determined to be in YOUR favour, you make an appropriate offer – note both offers in the script, one for a buyer prospect, one for a seller(even one for “later” prospects). Remember the singular purpose of this call is to create the appointment with the prospect.

Golden rule no. 3: “The Sole purpose of going on the appointment is to turn the prospect into a Client.”

     So now you have the appointment set. MEET with them AS SOON AS POSSIBLE and turn them into a client. Control that meeting by using your SELLER benefit presentation or your BUYER benefit presentation. Both presentations should be about the prospect, NOT you. Once they realize you’re a good agent, that you’ll handle all the minutia in their project, and remove the distress associated with buying or selling, they will agree to work with you. That’s the NATURAL direction things go. What’s a client? If it were a seller, the client status would have them signing your LISTING CONTRACT and putting their home up for sale with you. If it’s a buyer, you would both agree that YOU would their exclusive agent and you would sign your BUYER BROKERAGE agreement. Now you’ve established a client relationship and you have yet another client that needs your services.

     This is the best way to describe the system in it’s most effective and basic form. When you do this repetitively, over and over again – Market correctly to generate leads, Follow up with the Leads to arrange a sit down appointment, go on the appointment to solidify a client relationship.

     Here’s your starting accountability meter, if you haven’t decided to work with one this year, start here: For every 10 leads you create, you need to book a MINIMUM of 4 Sit-Down appointments. For every 4 appointments, you must solidify at least 2 of those client relationships after your benefits presentation. 10-4-2 is a minimum standard for you to work towards.

     It takes focus and discipline to just BEGIN the process but the ensuing results will definitely propel you on to not only do more but to get better at so your measuring stick goes from 10-4-2 to 10-5-5 or 10-8-7. You’ll get better by DOING IT.

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