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So you’ve privately chosen a new direction with your Real Estate career. You’ve quietly told yourself AND decided that unless things get better, you’ll simply do one of two things; Change the method thus far (which has actually produced these feelings of inadequacy) or SIMPLY QUIT.

Two tough decisions, especially in an industry that compels it’s members to work as hard as possible to protect and defend the status quo (3 transactions per year – poverty level remuneration for full time work), avoid rocking the boat, and continue doing what everyone else is doing so as to NOT draw attention to yourself.

So this month’s question is this: How much effort are you really willing to put in to create those changes? Yeah, really, how much? A deeper reasoning asks: Are you REALLY willing to do something different to create a better outcome?

Many of you are aware of my trademark belief – you’ll recognize this from our Tuesday and Thursday teleseminar calls – that TYPICAL real estate professionals, who stay engaged in status quo, TYPICAL practices, will only ever be able to generate TYPICAL results. Yup, I continually quote that hoping to incite our listeners to look within and realize that without a game plan, proven direction, and totally revealing accountability, changing the direction of a Real Estate career is, essentially, PRACTICALLY IMPOSSIBLE.

Having been a member of Craig’s coaching team for many years I have great conviction in a very basic, simple idea that a collection of well planned, SMALL changes can really create a substantially different outcome. They key principle though, as we’ve talked about for over 15 years, is you MUST MAKE CHANGES. However, let’s face the facts of that. Fearing the awkwardness and unfamiliarity of change is most often the stumbling block that prevents it from actually happening. Here’s a warning you should heed and remember as you plan those changes…

Yes, it will make you squirm! Yes, you’ll feel as if you’re way outside your normal zone of comfort! Yes, you’ll wish things could just go back to the way they were. Yes, your day-to-day behavior will be affected by it.

Ok, so now you know, now you have a sense as to what you’ll likely go through as a new you and a new business model struggles to emerge. Once you begin, don’t look back, don’t give up, don’t fall back into the old ways that have NOT served you. Whatever you do, don’t succumb to reverting back to “protecting the Real Estate status quo” position. Recall, if you will, how that’s worked out for you so far.

Remember also that you can’t sit back and simply wish, think, and hope for a better outcome, you have to design it, engineer it, and then implement it. We’ve helped thousands of professionals make a hard right turn using some basic and simple-to-implement methods. Here’s an important newsflash that affected me greatly. Almost always, creating a new focus DOESN’T have to entail learning a whole new collection of technical and difficult methods. In fact it can be quite simple, so simple in fact that the most basic marketing concepts can easily turn a failing career around quickly and effectively. Here’s what I’m talking about.

The BEST lesson I can offer this month, coming off of one of our most successful SuperConferences ever is this: One of the most valuable choices you can make in your career is the importance of seeking out someone who has already done what you are trying to accomplish. Remember, success leaves clues behind and if you look hard enough, you can find someone who’s working hard to accomplish the same thing you’re trying to and has gone ahead of you to light up a path to at least get you to the same destination. Highlighting our network of thousands of members, you’ll find a sharing culture made up of folks more than willing to share not only their successes but the things that didn’t go so well. These folks, already running headlong down the path you want to embark on will carefully and deliberately help you see and navigate the actual route they’ve taken, shortening your personal learning curve. Again, you just have to get involved, come to our SuperConference events, and create a personal network of friends and supporters that can become a mastermind go-to resource for you moving forward. It all starts with you coming and becoming a part of it.

The other side of this is you NEED to be willing to accept the advice and help of a well trained, successful person who’s willing to take the position in your model of coach.
Your coach needs to have a proven track record, has to have gained success using the methods and ideologies that you want to emulate as well. That coach has to be able to impart direction, advice, and sometimes discipline. They will bring a large measure of accountability to your business model and will be there when you fall and need help to get back up. Your coach isn’t just a nice person in the office willing to have you wander around behind them, never really teaching you anything, just being a pseudo mentor, rather they need a solid business foundation and they MUST BE WILLING to teach and help you implement the business fundamentals they’ve succeeded with.

If you are currently working with someone that claims to be your coach, don’t be afraid to ask them about their track record. Are they ALSO working as an agent? Ask them if they are actually DOING WHAT THEY preach or are you simply taking advice from someone with great ideas that sound good in a PowerPoint presentation at a seminar or look good on paper. Are you a guinea pig for a new method recently conjured up or are you using real world, revenue producing methods tried and proven over years of application? Serious questions for sure.

Start by stretching towards a new benchmark. Get your coaches help to establish one. Don’t look for the easy route that everyone is looking for; instead, allow a commendable work ethic to seek out the most effective way to establish proven, business fundamentals that lead you to the cash. If anyone tells you that embarking on a NEW model is easy, tell them to think again.

Remember, you can work HARD, you can work SMART, or most importantly, you can work RIGHT.

All successful people, whether in the world of sports OR business have coaches. A coach brings organization, winning strategies, potential, skill, and nurtures the natural talent and helps a new agent channel those qualities into a successful, repeatable and systemized routine. A coach’s focus and mandate is to help a new agent create a business that serves the greater need.

In our industry, a coach quickly helps a new agent see the difference between a business and a job. Learning the correct business model allows the agent to have a life because the business rolls on, creating revenue daily without the agent having to be responsible for every task that takes place. As well, a good coaching relationship draws out discipline and insight from the student, yet builds on accountability where necessary and enables a new agent to become a GREAT agent quicker.

So who’s your coach? Consistently, year after year we help countless agents master the art of Lead Generation, Lead Conversion, and Sales using the Quantum Leap method. Craig Proctor’s well known and very public track record is a fabulous foundation to build on.
Making the changes that Craig recommends doesn’t mean you’re left alone to wallow in failure and discouragement. Within a very short time of implementing his recommended strategies we can begin the process of testing and adjusting slightly to attain the optimum results. As a coach and teacher, he’s patient, skilled, and very adept at teaching what he knows.

See you next month – Rick


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