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So, I love doing these multi-part blog articles for you! If you think about it, a continual discussion about any given subject is, essentially, how we create a more intimate and usable understanding about it. We don’t just talk about it once, or read about it in some journal somewhere and then it’s ours. Rather, we discuss, go back and forth, discuss it some more, add a bit, learn a bit more, do some research, ask someone’s opinion abut it, try it out, tweak our understanding a bit more, and then begin the process of implementing it’s facets into our lives – either business wise or just personally. Hopefully we’re all constantly learning more about what really intrigues us.

Personally, I’m practically and obsessively intrigued with the career path of Real Estate professionals. Craig unleashed the monster within when he invited me to share with him in the education of his students all those years ago.

In my last rant about the conversion of leads to appointments (Conversion 1), I discussed how easy it really is to create face-to-face appointments with those prospects who raise their hands in conjunction with an offer they’ve read, seen, and understood after bumping into it through a marketing campaign wherever it was. What you’ve successfully done through your simple marketing piece is show a prospect how the answers they’re seeking are easily attainable. Then, your offer that ended the marketing piece, allowed them their answers easily and from an unthreatening source. Indeed, a brilliant method of Lead Generation!!

Now, here’s a point you can build on for this month’s discussion: Get immediately comfortable and familiar with making offers to prospects because over the next 24-48 hours you’ll be making a number of verbal offers to them so they eventually become your clients. But DON’T misinterpret that recommendation….I’m NOT talking about using manipulative, hard closing techniques. Nope, you won’t learn that here today because part of understanding our system is seeing that creating motivation is virtually impossible. How often have you laughed at some salespersons hard closing techniques when clearly the prospect has no intention of taking the bait? It’s hilarious but it’s ALSO inappropriate. Treat it as a good lesson…

Making the right offer at the right time is pretty much paramount to you moving forward with the prospect in the direction of eventually turning them into a client. If you say the right thing you intrigue them and can elicit a response of commitment from them easily. But say the WRONG thing, or make the completely WRONG offer and they get defensive, withdraw from the conversation, hang up or leave the office. Let’s look at making a suitable offer for a prospect on the telephone first.

As a student of the Quantum Leap system, using our methods and materials you already know what kind of an offer to make on the phone to create an appointment. If it’s for a BUYER it’s this: “Would you like me to e-mail you the daily updates of all the homes matching your unique home buying criteria. I’ll send you homes for sale from ALL the real estate companies plus I’ll include distressed properties, Foreclosed-on properties and other critical MUST SELL deals available right now.. It’s a free service to use and, there’s certainly no obligation on your part to buy at any time, would that be of help to you and your spouse?”  

Yup, indeed, this is a great offer for a buyer, pretty much identifies that the buyer needs help finding the  home of his/her dreams and that if requested said prospect can easily be introduced all the great deals that exist out there. For a real buying prospect, it’s pretty hard to say “NO” to that offer, right?

Often I change up the words a little but say the same thing offering something of great value to the person I’m talking to: “So <Name> it sounds to me like you’re just getting rolling on the home search process and one of the things that makes it much easier for you is having easy access to every home for sale right now that matches your particular search criteria. Do you have that now?” I wait for the “I’m not sure” answer then I continue: “Well if it would help, I can set you up on the MLS system so not only will you immediately see absolutely everything for sale that matches your wish list but the instant a new home goes up for sale, you’ll be INSTANTLY notified through an e-mail or a text right to your phone. Would that help you?” It’s almost always YES. When it isn’t I deal with the “NO” efficiently. The common hurdle is: “Well, I think we’re getting that already from <they mention their agents name or company>.” My response never waivers from the proven objection handler: “Well, I have no clue what they are sending you but I also track <I list 2 or 3 unique listing categories – all distressed – that I run continual searches for> and I want to tap you in to those as well because they are the best buys out there right now. Or are you already getting those?” (They NEVER are or they say they don’t know.) “OK, so what’s your afternoon like? Would you be available at say 3:00 this afternoon so I can take down your searching criteria or would 7:00 this evening, just after dinner, be better?” We may banter a little on the reason for getting together or sort out a suitable time and of course I always tried to position myself as the LAST agent to meet with them to avoid doing the dreaded two-stepper but guess what, just about ALWAYS the appointment takes place because the prospect can easily perceive the value in getting what they want the way it’s been described.

Ok so what about a SELLER? They have the same needs wants and issues that buyers do, they start their project of selling by hunting around, looking for answers to their questions, usually pertaining to the current state of the market and the selling conditions of their community or subdivision. They want to know how long it’s taking to sell and how much houses like theirs have been selling for. When they react to our marketing they are expecting to receive what we offered – An Evaluation, an Area Sales Report, maybe the 27 Tips Report, or a Home Sellers Kit, or  some other relevant request. Our marketing OFFERED it so once the request arrives, SEND IT ASAP.

However don’t leave it at that. It’s unlikely a selling family will call you and ASK you to come over because of your letter writing and report creation skills. ASAP, call to determine timing and motivation using the UFUS and then make the offer that’s there: “So <Mr. Seller> would you like a comprehensive home evaluation to help you determine just what your home would sell for in this current market? At the same time you can get some strategies on the most effective things to do when selling and, more importantly, the things NOT to do. And to really give you a clear picture, together we could prepare a net sheet and help you determine exactly where you’ll be cash-wise once you’ve sold your home”. Tell them it’s free with no obligation and close for the appt, make sure all the decisions makers are present, pull a copy of the title and go over.

Many, many of our members have mastered the offer to a seller to create that wanted appointment using that format, understanding how to add value to the offer to create a predictable outcome: “So <Mr. Seller> since selling and moving is in your immediate future might I propose a complete and detailed Home Equity Analysis for you using the latest available data. At the same time you and I can review the factors that are really creating profitable sales in this challenging market and the things some folks are doing that actually turn buyers off. And, if you like, we can do up a sales sheet, look at the numbers closely and you’ll know exactly where you stand cash-wise once you’re home is sold. What works for you, 3:00 tomorrow afternoon or 7:00 tomorrow night?”

It works well because the person you are making the offer to sees the value in getting together. Need more appointments from those leads? Make good, value filled offers that make complete sense to the prospect based and get on more appointments…

See you in Los Angeles!!    –Rick


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