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    So, headed North up Highway 89 in Utah right now – my son Riley is driving and I’m just thinking abou tthe plans I have for 2013. As you sit down with your double-hit soy latte’ and a big gooey cinnamon roll to pour over this latest addition to Relentless Realtors, here’s what we know: 2012 has drawn to it’s momentous conclusion. It came, it did what it does, and it blew out of town without even saying goodbye! By the way, despite our most sincere hopes, dreams, and wants,  it’s NEVER returning. As the famous quote says: “Money can be made or lost but TIME can only be lost…”

Hopefully your year ended with a huge BANG! Or maybe it’s slowly and painfully whimpering it’s way out of your memory. Regardless of how good or bad, year end is a perfect time to take stock of the year’s results and decide whether or not all the effort was really worth it. Better “man-up” and make the distinction between “oh yeah baby, definitely worth it this year” or “hmmm… maybe I’d better do something different soon” right now before we’re waist deep in 2013. Without doubt, at this time of the year, real estate professionals need to have this look – from ALL the perspectives – and decide if they want to relive the year just passed or not.

Personally, I spend much of the latter part of December simply thinking about what’s going on. Like many, I’ll go through the entire gamut of memories, plans, wishes and dreams. I’ll mentally review both personal and professional items stored in the mental bank account that contribute to who I am. Reflection over the holidays is a learned behavior for me.  As many know, I didn’t grow up celebrating Christmas, never did all the traditional family and social stuff. Despite the good intentions of the season, as a teenager growing up in a  relatively dysfunctional family, I found the Holidays an awkward and pretty lonely period. I don’t ever recall every looking forward to this time of year as a youngster except for the time off of school. At year end, when most families make a special effort to be together and get along, mine didn’t recognize the season and as a result, nothing was different. I also know from working with so many people over the years that not everyone celebrates the holidays the same.

So I‘m not penning this to either condone or extol the holidays. But, rather, from a professional point of view, I want to encourage everyone to use part of the holidays to plan for the upcoming year. Start doing that by looking at what just concluded.

Here’s some business related questions to put out there as we consider the year that just finished…

  • Do I want 2013 to be the same as 2012?
  • Which 2012 goals did I meet or exceed?
  • Which 2012 goals was I short of?
  • What was really awesome about 2012?
  • What really sucked about 2013?
  • What single thing would have the BIGGEST positive impact if I implemented it in 2013?
  • Did I improve my skills in 2012 or not?
  • Did I do enough deals to consider myself successful?
  • Have I REALLY got my Lead Generation strategies humming, churning out the leads?
  • Did my past year reflect a true BUSINESS model or me simply having a job in Real Estate?
  • Did I make enough money in 2012?
  • Have I established a DIFFERENTIATION (USP) strategy easily seen and queried  locally?
  • Did it really ender prospects towards me to investigate the benefits?
  • Have I leveraged myself with GOOD people and GOOD relationships?
  • Have I looked hard at my Business Plan for 2013

      It’s a given that we could fill pages with anecdotes and recommendations for making solid New Years Resolutions. We all have the best intentions as we hit the reboot button at this time of the year but without a plan, well, failure is pretty close. Planning the trip or looking at the road map is a crucial thing to do. All of us need a clear vision as we look ahead to December 2013 and see our way clear to get there.

However, it’s one thing to “say” or “decide” we need more money, yet it becomes another thing to actually earn more. Success in Real Estate comes from perfecting a systematic method. Instead of just Saying “I want to earn more money” why not get really technical and tell yourself, “I want to get better at the systems and methods that earn me money so the income can flow to me easier”.

So I think we should put on paper what our intentions are and then looking at a way to better systematize the effort. Take a moment right now and pull out the One Hour Business plan that we either gave you at a recent SuperConference or go to your page on the Coaching Website and download a copy so you can begin the process of number crunching. (If you can’t get a copy, send me a note – Rick@QLSystem.com – and I’ll send you the relevant pages for this article and you can start planning for next year).

I always start a business planning session by identifying the 4 or 5 things I want to accomplish, in fact I start MOST idea projects this way when I have the time to sit and think it through thoroughly. I list them clearly and make sure I UNDERSTAND  what I’ve written down. I also write down the implementation date down right there beside the goal so the true and real beginnings of a plan is actually in front of me.

So with respect to our business expectations, lets run through the numbers but work through them backwards, this helps you understand the expectations that automatically exist once you’ve set your goal numbers. You’ll notice in the OHBP we help you break it down into the actual amounts. You need to understand clearly how many leads you’ll need to generate to accomplish enough appointments, enough sales, enough listing appointments, etc. You’ll also notice that you can come face to face with your level of success and whether or not it needs to be improved.

For example, if it takes you 25 leads to create 1 sale you now know that becoming more efficient overall with your leads is a good goal to have for 2013. If you are only listing 1 out of every 5 listing appointments you go on, then add the goal of improving at your listing presentation. If you aren’t at a 75 or 80% close rate with a buyer in a Buyer Consult then, again, you can see an area to focus on.

What about time management? Can that be improved on for 2013. It could be for me. I recall with great clarity how difficult I found things when I was on my own. If I wasn’t meticulously careful with my time, I ran out of it before the work was done. I recall a conversation I had with a couple back in 2004. They were swamped and not doing a good job of managing their precious time. We sat down at a SuperConference and mapped out a week in 15 minute increments to help them see the clear picture. They eventually set up their office to manage all the admin in the mornings before 11:00 AM then take some personal time. Then they’d return to work around 2:00 and focus on the things that made them money. It worked.

Whatever you decide to do at this crucial time of the year know this: Doing all the same things you did last year that DIDN’T produce the outcomes you hoped for is greatest definition of corporate insanity. You can only accomplish change if you bring change to the table.   See you in Arlington in Feb.  –Rick


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