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We’re keen at RELENTLESS REALTORS to share relevant career adjustment formulas for busy, focused Real Estate professionals. It’s not ALWAYS about listing contracts and open houses…In this post head writer and Quantum Leap performance coach, Rick Brash, discusses the importance of standing back, looking at your business, and creating a formula for success that’s based on an already proven method.

It’s simply an excercise in “copying what works”. It’s a similar science to what small, rogue but successful drilling companies call “CLOSEOLOGY”. They simply buy up a drilling lease close to a producing well, avoid the high engineering and geoligical costs and tap into the same produciong oil field thousands of meters below the surface.

Hope you enjoy this article…..RR


For three key days in February, Craig Proctor in conjunction with his elite coaching team sat with a group of driven, performance hungry real estate professionals who came together for the sole purpose of bettering their professional skills. It was a deliberately smaller but intimate gathering that Craig arranged, however the strength and strategy of the event are almost overwhelming. If you are reading this, you were probably there, if you weren’t, well, let’s just say you really missed out.

We talked extensively on the fundamental requirements for managing and succeeding with lead generation, lead conversion, getting buyers bought, getting sellers sold, the REO trends, growing a real estate business, understanding ourselves better, making the most effective listing presentation, how to really work with a buyer, how to market listings for leads, how to work with Google PPC, how to use a website effectively, how to implement a proven hotline strategy in to your business, how to hire help and who to hire, and a whole lot more.

As well, we were thrilled to have Mr. Alan Dalton, former CEO and co-founder of REALTOR.com join us to present the keynote address on where Alan dalton 2 croppedthe real estate industry is in 2013. His poignant and clear dissertation on how a business mindset is crucial for EVERY AGENT wanting to succeed was as relevant as anything we’ve heard in the past 5 years. He praised the decisions SUCCESS driven agents make to hire and work closely with a SUCCESS leaves CLUES. Mr. Dalton stayed with us the entire day, and the members, including myself, that were able to interact with him left numerous comments about his knowledge, his understanding, and his charm. A very nice man, with a keen desire to help people. No wonder Craig invited him to our event. It was a WOW!! experience that I wish EVERY real estate agent could experience

So, one of the major discussions we delve in to at our event is the ease with which an agent can learn to create opportunity in his business. I define ‘opportunity’ as a means of earning or creating revenue. Every business floats because of it and sinks very quickly without it. Let’s face it, as real estate selling professionals, we need a constant supply of revenue generating opportunities. Most commonly understood, they come in the form of sellers allowing us to help them get a home sold and buyers who allow us to represent them in their quest to buy a home. The accepted understanding of this is that from the sales we participate in, a commission is offered/generated, a portion of which comes our way – revenue!! It’s those ready-to-go buyers and sellers we want more of – I refer to them as opportunities. I know that sounds a little cold but let’s face it, it’s an apt description.

Now I’m more than aware of the fact that the vast majority of supposed ‘opportunity creation’ trainers and self proclaimed guru’s continue to extol the virtues of hand-to-hand combat style prospecting. You know what I mean, they recommend and promote the methods closely related to door knocking, database chasing, pumpkin delivering, cold calling, completely ineffective open house format, and creating reams and reams of expensive image advertising, personal brochures, and very beautiful but completely pointless websites. These methods, most of which were conjured up in the late 60’s early 70’s have long since had their day yet are the make-up for most new agent orientation programs we see today.

When you’re deciding to work with someone that makes great claims, simply ask them if they’ve ever sold real estate for a living? Almost all of them will skirt the question because they haven’t. Then there are those that have come through our program, quietly stolen Craig’s ideas, proven methods, and tools and then brazenly gone public with statements that they themselves pioneered the methods and techniques arrogantly refusing to acknowledge that Craig created them. As an example, recently I listened to a recording of an introductory call conducted by a ‘newer trainer’, a guy just getting into the training arena full time (someone I know and have worked with in the past) who blatantly said that he not only used and helped create the Craig’s Guaranteed Sale for Sellers program, he actually gave Craig some pointed instruction on how to make it better. Just a silly and ridiculous claim.

No one knows how to work that program better than it’s originator, Craig Proctor and he unselfishly taught thousands of agents in 13 countries worldwide how to use it to their (and their clients) advantage. So, as I said earlier, confirm the track record of anyone you choose to work with. In fact go ahead and ask them if they’ve ever had an association with Craig Proctor. You’ll find yourself surprised at the answer because they very likely have. The reason people continue to hijack and steal our methods is because they work so well, much better than the worn out, mind numbing prospecting bad habits engrained into the industry.

Here’s what I can tell you about this association with my mentor and good friend Craig Proctor: I made a deliberate decision to work with him because of his stellar public track record. He was able to sell in excess of 500 homes every year for many years and was the top RE/MAX agent in the world on more than one occasion. He was willing to teach me his stuff, his methods, his mindset, and he was willing to do it patiently with a guy like me that essentially had no education, and a dismal record as a Realtor.

Now, early in my tenure with him as a student Craig taught me three key lessons – in case you’re still wondering, my overall reason for choosing Craig’s help was my LACK of opportunity and the devastating effects that ‘lack’ was causing in my world – and you can learn by them as well:

  1. If I can be taught to just COPY a proven, successful collection of methods and techniques, the already proven outcome should and will be the same. Craig often refers to this as a Franchise prototype
  2. I had to be willing to STOP PROTECTING the Status Quo methods I was engaged in if, beyond a doubt, I had established that they weren’t producing satisfactory results. (Einstein’s theory of insanity!)
  3. Lead generating, DIRECT RESPONSE marketing aimed at Opportunity Creation should always: A) reflect local Real Estate trends and: B) use a DISTINCT and correct Call-To-Action.

Simply put, it’s Craig who pioneered the science and skill of MARKETING for leads using an automatic and fool-proof method for Real Estate professionals. Gary Keller, CEO of Keller Williams, the ‘Keller’ in Keller Williams, recently said publicly that not a single other trainer working today did a better job with OFFER RESPONSE (direct response) marketing for the sole purpose of Lead Generation than our coach and mentor, Craig Proctor. No matter WHAT you read, hear, or see others doing, Craig was the one that gave this skilful art to EVERYONE else who claims to have figured it out.

Learning and adapting the three things above had a profound effect on both my life and my career. Everyone should learn and adapt these lead generation fundamentals if creating an abundance of opportunities is on your to-do list.

Can you copy something already proven, already tested, already working with great results? Do you see the GREAT BENEFITS in working closely with a master real estate mentor like Craig? I hope so. Just saying yes to that question indicates a level of humility (that means you are teachable) that can and should serve you well.

Over the next few issues I’m going to share with you some specific things that you SHOULD be copying if creating opportunity is foremost in your plans right now. Next month we’ll look at how a simple market study can easily create the foundation for a killer marketing campaign that endears oodles of prospects to you.

Go get ‘em -Rick


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